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Will Facebook Messenger Replace SMS?

Will Messaging Services Kill Text Messaging?

Facebook is the first to attempt converting sms users to instant messaging.

Will Messaging Services Replace Text Messaging?

Facebook has launched a revamp of its Facebook Messaging service in an attempt to encourage people to use it, instead of text messaging on mobile phones. The new instant messaging service is a network complete with apps aimed at people who do not have a Facebook account. All you need is a mobile phone; not even a high tech smart phone, a name and phone number to join.

Facebook was originally set up for PC users but with the advances in technology and the huge number of people embracing the use of mobile phones, Facebook is hoping to encourage people all over the world to use their instant-messaging service instead of sending an sms and is now putting mobile front and centre in its thinking for the future.

Facebook is the first to attempt converting sms users to instant messaging, but could find itself going head to head with Microsoft, who just recently bought Skype and plans to change Windows Messenger soon. Apple also are in the race with iOS and OS X extensions.

Australia will be one of the first markets to receive the new service along with India, Argentina, South Africa and Venezuela, which Facebook has identified as areas of significant growth, hoping that it will prompt non Facebook members to join up with a Facebook account as the new service integrates with other Facebook products in the future.

SMS Text Messaging turns 20 Years Old.

SMS, which is an acronym for short message service, has just turned 20 years old, and was revolutionary in the way it changed how people communicated. Millions of sms messages are sent every day with 3.6 Billion active users which equates to 78 per cent of all mobile phone subscribers texting. SMS text messages are cheaper to send than making a phone call; especially from mobile phones, so are very popular amongst younger users.

In 2010, there were 6.1 Trillion SMS messages sent, which if you do some quick calculations is over 193,000 sms messages sent every second, earning a staggering $114.6 Billion for communication carriers world wide, but we are now at the stage where so much more is possible including picture taking and tagging with instant messaging services.

There are significant hurdles to overcome but it could be the start of the end for the now humble sms-text messaging service as the new Facebook Messaging Service is set to replace texting as the new way we; as a society communicate with each other.

Hmmm… what ever happened to talking face to face to people?
I think even Alexander Graham Bell would be surprised how far phones have come since 1876 when he succeeded with the first bidirectional transmission of clear speech.

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