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Why Install Solar Panels

Why I Chose Green Engineering To Install My Solar PV Panels

Why I Chose Adelaide Solar Energy Company Green Engineering To Install My Solar PV Panels.

If you have been asking yourself why install solar panels in your home; you’re not alone. Many people have yet to make the decision to install solar panels and get connected to the public grid.

But why is that?

If you’re like me; I had 3 main reasons for doing nothing.

  1. First, knowing which solar energy company to deal with, so I felt comfortable I was getting the best solar deal was confusing,
  2. Second, I was unsure what size solar energy system to have installed, and
  3. Third, I was unsure what make of solar panels and inverter I should choose; because there are so many on the market in Australia.

The reasons why I wanted to install solar panels in my home; like everyone else were obvious. To save on electricity bills; especially with the rising cost of electricity and secondly to do my bit for the environment. We all like to feel like we’re doing the right thing to help make the world a better place to live in; and if we can save money while doing it – it’s a no brainer really!

With so many special deals advertised on television and in the papers, by the huge number of solar energy companies in Adelaide I had to decide who to get quotes from. Again doing what most people do I searched ‘solar panel deals Adelaide’ in Google® and found Trades Check.

After reading an article; and there were several about the dangers of just looking at the cheapest solar panel deals; which I agreed with, I came across Green Engineering SA; a solar energy company listed in Adelaide.

Green Engineering SA had a number of different sized solar energy systems, offering a choice of two brands of inverters; both with German brand solar panels. I had already researched inverters, so was happy to see that the SMA Sunnyboy inverter was one of the options; being one of the world’s biggest and most popular inverter made me feel confident I was looking at a quality product that would perform well and last many years.

I also felt comfortable with the German brand panels, after all the German’s are well known for making a dependable, quality product.

What caught my attention about Green Engineering, was the fact that they were big on using products that were accredited with the Clean Energy Council; exceeding Australian Standards too. They were also one of the largest installers of solar energy systems in Australia, with an office in Adelaide, so I felt comfortable that if I did have any problems, they could be dealt with locally. What made me feel the most comfortable though, and why I contacted Green Engineering SA for a quote was the fact they used licensed accredited solar energy installers. With unlicensed installers and cheap products being used by Adelaide Solar Energy companies, and with Unleash Solar’s demise still fresh in my mind, I wanted to use a solar energy company in Adelaide I could trust to install quality solar panels properly.

After calling Green Engineering SA, an appointment was made for a consultant to come out to explain my options.

Unlike another solar company I called, consultants from Green Engineering actually do come out to inspect your house, look over your past electricity bills and explain the different options available to you.

After looking at my roof pitch and direction, past 12 months electricity usage and asking me what my goal was; which I appreciated, it was suggested that I look at a 5kW System with 20 – 250W solar panels to achieve the objective of totally eliminating by electricity bills.

Installation of the solar system could also be completed within a week of paying the deposit; which unlike some of the other solar energy companies in Adelaide I had contacted would take months.

The consultant explained that Maxnrg Electrical who are licensed electricians and accredited solar energy installers and designers would be installing the solar PV system.

OK – so far so good, but what about the price? Knowing that quality products would be used and installed correctly by experts was one thing, but if the price was way above other quotes using similar products and sized systems, I would be back to square one!

It wasn’t; in fact the solar system price from Green Engineering SA was cheaper than another quote I received from a solar energy company in Adelaide using the same inverter with less and smaller sized panels.

Needless to say I had made my decision; I was offered the best solar products at the best price and was given the courtesy of being able to make a decision without any pressure after being supplied enough information so that I could make an informed decision myself!

The Green Engineering process was pain and hassle free from start to finish.
Everything that was promised including the time frames was delivered and tops off the list of reasons why I have no hesitation saying you should install solar panels in your home with Adelaide solar energy company Green Engineering SA.

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