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What is Google Authorship About?

Read what what Google Authorship is about

Google Authorship is the mechanism by which Google’s search engine ranking can be influenced by ‘Author Rank’ and is the biggest change in search since the humble link. It’s Google’s way of identifying who the author of an article is, to factor it as a signal of content quality. In other words, the body of work or content that is on the web, written by a person is now a factor in Google’s search algorithm and will force everyone serious about seo scrambling to set up a Google Plus Profile.

Hard work is required, but you can write authoritative content, be recognised and rewarded; even if you are just starting out.

Hopefully you have read these two articles I wrote explaining:

  1. What Google+ is about and
  2. How to display your profile image in Google search results.

If you haven’t, here is a quick summary, all be it an over simplification of the two steps involved:

  1. You will need to create a Google+ Profile and upload a high quality head and shoulders profile picture of yourself (500px x 500px in dimension) then fill out some basic profile information such as where you live, etc.
  2. Visit, to sign up with your email address and click on the verification link that Google will email you, or include the link to your website in the contributor section of your Google+ Profile.

Once you have a Google+ Profile and profile image set up, you need to start writing content.

Online Marketing is About Content.

People are starting to realise that content is the key element of all effective online marketing strategies and content marketing works better than all other forms of online marketing including pay-per-click-campaigns and social networking.

Content is King

Google’s ‘Author Rank algorithm’ will reflect an online article’s status because it will also be influenced by its author’s standing.

Google Authorship and Author Rank

Google made content writers more important with the many versions of Panda and Penguin seo updates. Instead of accepting ‘weak’ content and ‘unnatural’ link building, websites now need well written, original content that attracts links; called back-links organically.

Again in 2013, who creates the content, and who does the back-linking matters. This is why Google wants to know who you are via your Google+ authorship profile.

I believe Author Rank will be the biggest algorithmic signal for SEO since the hyperlink.

The days of poor anonymous content are over with high-ranking content writers able to command better compensation for their work and proven skill.

To start to become one of those great content writers, you’ll need to learn three essential skills:

  1. How to write original content.
    Take a look at the 5 Steps on How to Write Articles for Websites from Thinking IT’s tutorial section,
  2. How to develop your own voice, style and layout,
  3. How to become an inspirational content writer.

The last two skills I will be discussing in future articles.

In summary Google authorship takes into consideration the body of work written by the author, their ‘standing’ or reputation on the subject matter when ranking the article itself in Google’s search results.

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What people have said:

  1. Author Rank is what will make content better on the web. Google Authorship will make content writers focus on the ‘on-page seo ranking factors’ more, lifting the credibility of content.

    • True! Quality of writing, lacking on the web at present should improve and over time, we will be able to rely more on what is written being accurate and factual because of Google Authorship.

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