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What is Google Authorship About?

Google Authorship is the mechanism by which Google’s search engine ranking can be influenced by ‘Author Rank’ and is the biggest change in search since the humble link. It’s Google’s way of identifying who the author of an article is, to factor it as a signal of content quality. In other words, the body of work or content that is … [Read more...]

How to Add Image in Google Search

Display your profile image in Google Search Results. I am sure while searching for something on Google, you have noticed a small image with some of the listings in Google's search results, you can see an example of what I mean in the screen shot above, with my profile image displayed when I searched nigel brookson in Google. When I first … [Read more...]

What is Google Plus

Google Plus, Google+, is the search engine giant’s version of a social networking site and one of the top 3 social networking web sites you should set up an account for, that allows members to create a profile, upload pictures, share links and them recommend to the world and friends or a circle of friends using a g+1 button. Sound familiar? … [Read more...]