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I have been interested in website design since 2000 and speaking my mind well before that.
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Nigel’s Most Recent Blog & Work Related Articles

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a ‘Virtual Pin board of Images’. Pinterest allows you to share your images, and those that you find on the web with everyone. Instead of ‘like’ you ‘pin-it’ to your Pinterest pin board page. Pinterest has over 20 million registered users, using pin boards to plan … [read more]

What is Facebook?

So what exactly is Facebook? Facebook is the number 1 social networking site in the world. Whether you ‘like’ it or not; excuse the pun, Facebook has revolutionised the way we use computers and the Internet with half of the reason we use the Internet dedicated to Facebook; the other half for search. … [read more]

What is Twitter?

Twitter is the ‘SMS of the Internet’ with Tweets and Direct Messaging. Twitter is often called the SMS of the Internet because users are restricted to 140 characters per ‘Tweet’ or message. With an estimated 500,000,000 registered users, Twitter is the second largest social networking … [read more]

Impact of Solar Panels on Electricity Prices

What Impact do Home Solar Panels have on the Wholesale Electricity Price in Australia? People have embraced the idea of saving on electricity costs by installing solar panels for their home in Australia. While we all feel good about helping to ‘save the planet’, reducing the carbon emissions to our … [read more]