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Australia’s Biggest Ecommerce sale Coming Soon

Australia's Biggest Ecommerce sale to be launched November 20 2012.

Australia’s Biggest Ecommerce sale to be launched November 20 2012 on

America’s Shopping Phenomenon Cyber Monday to be mirrored in Australia.

Dubbed "Cyber Monday" in America, it has become the biggest online sales day in America with 2011 sales topping $US1.25 billion. With 700 retailers participating in the event the one day sale attracts 10 million shoppers and follows on from the famous Black Friday Thanksgiving Holiday sales in retail stores.

On Tuesday November 20 2012, an anticipated 200 Australian retailers are hoping for some of that success when is launched. The click frenzy website states in Australia:

Online retail is a $20+ billion source of revenue, and the only sector of retail experiencing double digit growth.

The concept is that for one day a year, Australian shoppers will be able to go to one source and buy goods online from retailers at discounted prices. Shoppers will be able to search by category, brand, product name, item or simply browse the one-off deals available online for a 24 hour period commencing at 7pm November 20th 2012 and running until November 21st 2012 7pm.

With retail sales sluggish, this could get people online looking for a bargain; in fact I am sure it will, the question will be though how retailers react. Will they be offering great deals, discounted enough to encourage sales or will it be just another sales event with 20-30% off as many have been advertising all year.

The other concern I have is will the servers be able to handle the volume of traffic expected? It would be highly embarrassing if the server crashed after the ‘hype’ of shopping online. With the amount of time to prepare for the event, the expectation and overseas experience, one would think this has been considered likely and built to handle the massive volume. Page load times need to be fast, the pages themselves need to be light weight and the website’s design architecture needs to be sound on a server that is equipped to handle the volume of page requests. All of this is doable, but has it been done?

This concept should be a wake up call, adopted by retailers themselves with their own website offering the same big online sales day, once a year or even four times a year to coincide with changes in seasons.

While consumers in Adelaide, South Australia and indeed Australia have shown their willingness to go online and shop, Adelaide businesses have been very slow to give consumers the same level of experience as their overseas counterparts.

Many Adelaide businesses are without a website altogether and those that have one are more often than not without any ecommerce functionality; allowing customers to shop online from their site.
Even online email newsletter marketing is rare amongst Adelaide business websites, with business owners slow to capitalise on consumers change in buying habits and the new technology that can make it all possible.

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  1. Just tried to visit and found the website had crashed, probably due to too many visitors. You would have thought the website designers had planned for heavy traffic when they set up the servers.

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