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Are You Digital Ready?

Are You Digital Ready for the Digital Television Switchover in Australia?

Are You Digital Ready for the Digital Television Switchover in Australia?

The ‘digital television switchover’ Australia wide will be completed by the end of 2013, turning off analog TV signals for good, so you must be digital ready to continue watching any free-to-air TV shows.

The switchover from analog to digital has commenced in some parts of Australia, with Adelaide and surrounding areas turning of analog today; 2nd April 2013.

Why is Australia Switching From Analog to Digital?

There are a number of reasons Australia is switching over to digital:

  • Improved Viewing Experience.

    There are a number of ways in which digital TV will improve your television viewing experience, including:

    • There are more free-to-air channels, on top of existing ones,
    • Access to an electronic TV guide, so you can see what programs are on what channel and at what time,
    • The ability to watch TV in high-definition quality; up to 1080px, when it is transmitted by the station broadcasting it, making for a sharper, clearer picture.
  • Essentially keeping up with advances in technology.

  • Keeping Up-To-Date Internationally.

    Overseas programs that we view in Australia; particularly from America, are increasingly being made in digital format only, so being ‘digital ready’ means you’ll be able to watch those shows.

  • Freeing up Broadcast Space.

    Turning off the analog signal will free up satellite space that can be used for other services.

  • Nation-Wide Coverage.

    The Australian government is rolling out ‘Viewer Access Satellite Television’ (VAST), a digital satellite service providing all free-to-air channels to homes, even in remote areas of Australia that were unable to view them under the existing analog system.

The cost of the upgrade and switch over from the existing analog system; called ‘Aurora’ to ‘VAST’ will be in the region of $375 million.

What Equipment is Required to be Digital Ready?

To continue watching free-to-air television, on your existing analog TV, you will require a set top box. This device is available from department stores nation wide and depending on the brand and features, sells from around $40.

You may decide to upgrade your analog television to a digital ready TV, which again are available in department stores nation wide and depending on the brand and size will set you back upwards of $200.

You may require a digital antenna if after connecting either a new set top box to your existing TV, or installing a new digital ready TV, you are still not receiving a signal. This is unlikely though for most of Australia.

The federal government has put in place a ‘Household Assistance Scheme (HAS)’ to help people on various pensions with the switchover and purchase of ‘digital ready’ equipment.

How to Recycle Old Televisions and Equipment – E Waste.

To do the responsible thing and help the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfill, please dispose of any ewaste equipment by either taking them to a recycling centre; your local council may have an ewaste collection depot, or you can throw those ewaste items away as part of a general clean up when you hire a skip bin in Adelaide; as with all other states. Supreme Skip Bins and Supreme Rubbish Removal Adelaide allow you to throw unwanted ewaste items in their skip bins for recycling at their depot, helping to keep Adelaide cleaner and greener.

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