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On the set of “Friends”

My name is Nigel Brookson and I created this website. Call it a playground, a place to document my thoughts, my experiences; a chronicle of my life’s journey.
I love to write; in fact, I’ve always loved to write. When I was younger, it was a way to enter a world of tranquillity that I could control – Yes I am a control freak! Nowadays, I spend a lot of time copywriting content for a diverse range of business websites.

Just a Little About Me

Website Designer. Philanthropist. Entrepreneur. Nespresso Addict. Angelina Jollie, Liam Neilson & Clint Eastwood Fan. Founder of Thinking IT; a website design, seo company and graphic design studio in Adelaide.

What I Love

I love work! Work has always consumed my life. Since my first job as a lifeguard at the local swimming pool, I have always put work first. So could that be one of the reasons I am single?

An epiphany:

If you love what you do for work, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

These days I spend my time building business websites and getting more customers for them through search engine optimisation.

I love coffee! And my De’Longhi Pixie, made for Nespresso, certainly gets a work out each day, with Roma and Livanto the current favourites.
When not working I try to get out in the garden, take a drive through the Adelaide Hills, run along the beach, relax in the outdoor spa, take in a movie or read a book.

I love wine! Which is a good thing living in Adelaide because there is so much good wine to enjoy, with Henschke’s ‘Abbots Prayer’ at the top of my list.

Living with Purpose

I’ve always thrived on the fact that I consider myself an intellectual and found myself at an early age enjoying more than what was expected, with a thurst for knowledge – Yes I was one of those kids that always asked Why?
I am never afraid to give an opinion and have one on most subjects; as you’ll discover at my blog. I enjoy being around people that also have a point of view, even if it differs from mine; but only if they can verbalise it with more than “just because”.

This brings me to some things I don’t like. Hypocrites would have to be at the top of the list, especially those that say they are Christians but behave like anything but. It seems all too often now people say one thing and do another. They talk a good game but can’t walk a step!

Then there is the decay of communication in our society. Social media and smart phones have created a whole new abbreviated way young people communicate with each other. People don’t visit or ring you anymore; they send a text message, written with vagueness and ambiguities that result in playing text message ping pong. People that know me, know to call, as I don’t respond to text messaging if it takes more than one reply to a direct point. Is that “anal retentive” or am I showing my age?

My life has changed in ways I can’t even begin to describe. I have experienced more than most, seen more than most and lived more than most. Some of it I wouldn’t change if I could, some of it I wish had turned out differently; but that’s life!

I made a conscious decision, about 5 years ago, to go for it every day and not be a passenger. Everything I do I will do the best that can be done; a quest for perfection and attention to detail, to be innovative and set the standard, and not to give up or lose hope. I look forward to each day as I jump out of bed.

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