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I have been interested in website design since 2000 and speaking my mind well before that.
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Why Install Solar Panels

Why I Chose Adelaide Solar Energy Company Green Engineering To Install My Solar PV Panels. If you have been asking yourself why install solar panels in your home; you're not alone. Many people have yet to make the decision to install solar panels and get connected to the public grid. But why is that? If you're … [read more]

Are You Digital Ready?

Are You Digital Ready for the Digital Television Switchover in Australia? The ‘digital television switchover’ Australia wide will be completed by the end of 2013, turning off analog TV signals for good, so you must be digital ready to continue watching any free-to-air TV shows. The switchover from … [read more]

Solar System Audits Results

Is the Australian Government doing enough grid connected solar panel system Audits? There have been a few solar system audits conducted by Australian government bodies with the results published for the public to see, but not enough. June 2011, NSW Fair Trading–‘Task force Eclipse’ undertook an … [read more]

What is Google Authorship About?

Google Authorship is the mechanism by which Google’s search engine ranking can be influenced by ‘Author Rank’ and is the biggest change in search since the humble link. It’s Google’s way of identifying who the author of an article is, to factor it as a signal of content quality. In other words, … [read more]