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Why Install Solar Panels

Why I Chose Adelaide Solar Energy Company Green Engineering To Install My Solar PV Panels. If you have been asking yourself why install solar panels in your home; you're not alone. Many people have yet to make the decision to install solar panels and get connected to the public grid. But why is that? If you're like me; I had 3 main reasons for … [Read more...]

Solar System Audits Results

Is the Australian Government doing enough grid connected solar panel system Audits? There have been a few solar system audits conducted by Australian government bodies with the results published for the public to see, but not enough. June 2011, NSW Fair Trading–‘Task force Eclipse’ undertook an audit of grid-connected solar … [Read more...]

Impact of Solar Panels on Electricity Prices

What Impact do Home Solar Panels have on the Wholesale Electricity Price in Australia? People have embraced the idea of saving on electricity costs by installing solar panels for their home in Australia. While we all feel good about helping to ‘save the planet’, reducing the carbon emissions to our atmosphere, the driving factor for … [Read more...]