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I have been interested in website design since 2000 and speaking my mind well before that.
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Will Facebook Messenger Replace SMS?

Will Messaging Services Replace Text Messaging? Facebook has launched a revamp of its Facebook Messaging service in an attempt to encourage people to use it, instead of text messaging on mobile phones. The new instant messaging service is a network complete with apps aimed at people who do not have a Facebook … [read more]

Reserve Bank Cuts Rate to 3 Per Cent

Official Cash Rate Cut To 3 Per Cent. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA); in its last board meeting for 2012 cut the official cash rate by 25 basis points on Tuesday 4th to 3.00 per cent, effective December 5th. RBA Governor Glenn Stevens sited the global growth forecast to be below average with uncertainty … [read more]

Click Frenzy Crashes

Click Fenzy Crashed Moments After Launch. It was built as the sale that stops the nation in Australia, but almost instantly the Click Frenzy website; crashed due to the high number of visitors looking for a bargain. Click Frenzy, Australia's first 24 hour ecommerce sale was launched at 7pm … [read more]

Barack Obama Wins Re-Election

Barack Obama is re-elected as President of the United States on November 6 2012. Obama with 332 electoral votes defeated Republican challenger Mitt Romney with 206 electoral votes returning the sitting President for 4 more years. Social networking played an important role for both candidates in getting their … [read more]