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Barack Obama Wins Re-Election

Barack Obama is re-elected as President of the United States on November 6 2012. Obama with 332 electoral votes defeated Republican challenger Mitt Romney with 206 electoral votes returning the sitting President for 4 more years. Social networking played an important role for both candidates in getting their messages across to the millions of … [Read more...]

Coles V Woolworths: Who Wins?

Australian retail shopping giants Coles & Woolworths have been competing for our shopping dollars for years now, but 2012 sees the advertising and price war take on a new dimension. The question is Who Wins? Adelaide Independent Senator Nick Xenophon doesn't think consumers win, introducing draft legislation to break up the 'duopoly' that … [Read more...]

Reserve Bank Meeting October 2012

Reserve Bank Cuts Cash Rate by 25 Basis Points. After the Reserve Bank met on Tuesday 2nd October 2012, Glen Stevens announced they would drop the official cash rate by 25 basis points or a quarter of one percent to 3.25 percent. The decision was mainly due to the world economic growth outlook being weaker than expected, growth in China has … [Read more...]

Alan Jones Shocking Jock

Background – The Speech. It all started back on Sunday 30th September 2012 with a speech given by veteran 2GB radio broadcaster Alan Jones to a Liberal Club Fund-raiser; the Sydney University Liberal Club President’s dinner at Sydney University. The speech would have shocked only most of the 100 attendees at the dinner, who paid $100 … [Read more...]

Hello World – I’m Online!

Welcome to Nigel Brookson’s official website. I hope you enjoy reading about what I’ve been up to, my thoughts on topical issues and places I’ve visited! This website chronicals my journey through life, a timeline of events as I view them. I welcome everyone to make comments on the articles I have written, to pass on your … [Read more...]