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Click Frenzy Crashes

Australia's Biggest Ecommerce Sale Flops – Click Frenzy's server crashes

Click Fenzy Crashed Moments After Launch.

It was built as the sale that stops the nation in Australia, but almost instantly the Click Frenzy website; crashed due to the high number of visitors looking for a bargain.

Click Frenzy, Australia’s first 24 hour ecommerce sale was launched at 7pm on the 20th November 2012 with 150 retailers online ready to sell their discounted goods, hoping for a similar turnout the American equivalent gets each year.

The server however, could not handle the number of visitors and page requests that it received and crashed, leaving visitors angry, venting their frustrations on social media sites Twitter and Facebook.

A Facebook group, Click Frenzy Fail, attracted over 1900 likes within minutes with a title “The fail that stops a nation” and #clickfail on Twitter went viral.

Back on October 15th I wrote an article about the Click Frenzy ecommerce sale coming November 20 2012 and spoke about the possibility of the server crashing; it seems that organisers and the website designers were not prepared and did not build the site to handle the volume they were hoping for.

There really is no excuse for this. Websites can be built on server platforms that handle large traffic volumes; the American equivalent is the direct example that handles far more traffic, then there are news websites and of course the social media websites that handle much higher volumes of traffic.

I mentioned in the previous article about retailers setting up their own online shopping event, and it was great to see some; including David Jones, who did just that.

Once I managed to get on, while everyone was sleeping, I noticed a familiar sight. There were 30% off banners everywhere. It was just like a normal sale. Some prices were shown with no regular price or discount off of retail, which I consider poor planning and marketing.

It remains to be seen just what the wash up will be, the actual number of sales from retailers, many of whom paid upwards of $30,000 to advertise on the site (with many already talking about refunds), but I think organisers should be embarrassed, because we could and should have done Australia’s first biggest ecommerce sale so much better.

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  1. As you can see from the image above, there was some effort put into what happens if the server could not handle the traffic. Shame organisers of Click Frenzy and the website designers did not put the time into making sure the site could handle the expected volume of visitors!

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